Vocational Programs

Our main campus is located on 14.5 acres with almost 100,000 sq feet of space for production work, classrooms, and offices.  We often function as a contract packager for local companies who need kits and products assembled for shipment to their customers all over North America. The packaging we do is regularly shipped to large and small retail chains, distribution centers, and individual buyers.  Other work is done within Elm City Center for the benefit of Elm City.  All jobs are real paid work with real paychecks every Friday for the previous week’s work.  Jobs do require remembering instructions, meeting quality standards, attaining the volume of work needed, and completing jobs within the time frames needed for customer delivery or available work hours.


As an employer, ECC follows all of the Federal and State rules any other business must comply with. In addition, we follow the US Department of Labor’s requirements for Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRP) under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  As a CRP we are able to adjust work requirements to an individual’s capabilities.

Work Related Services

  • Orientation to the work environment.
  • Orientation to the job culture.
  • Orientation to work duties.
  • Job performance and progress.
  • Increasing individual performance, as appropriate.
  • Work-site job modifications, if needed.
  • Integration into the employment setting.
  • Strategies for resolving job-related issues.
  • Use of transportation.
  • Referral to other services.
  • Community job placement and follow-up services.
  • Advocacy services.