While receiving training at Elm City Center, you will be given real work to perform whenever possible. You will receive pay as a training incentive. It is not wages for services rendered. Your pay will depend on the type of work training you do. We will supply gloves, aprons, eye and ear protection, and helmets if the job requires that for safety requires


In some jobs you are paid for each piece or unit you complete.The speed you work is up to you, but the quality of your work must still match whatever our customer is looking for. Some jobs require sitting at a table because parts are small. Other jobs require standing, walking, or carrying items because the parts you are working on are larger.  We will regularly supply jigs for specialized work or to allow some people to work on smaller portion of a job.


In other jobs you are paid at least the minimum wage. Some hourly jobs such as cutting grass on a large 6 foot deck power mower will pay at least $10 an hour. These jobs usually require extended walking or using larger pieces of equipment. They also require following directions, finishing a job done within the the require time frame, having good quality and working without a lot of supervision.

Your pay depends on the amount of work you do. The more work you do, the more pay. Your pay also depends on your quality or how good you do. The better you do, the higher your pay.

Because you are in training, your pay may average less than the “minimum wage.” The U.S. Department of Labor has given the center a special certificate. This certificate allows Elm City to pay less than the minimum wage during training. If you are paid less than the minimum wage, the certificate requires the center to pay you an amount that is “commensurate” with your ability. This means the center must base your pay on the type, quantity, and quality of work you do compared to workers without disabilities doing the same or similar work in industry.

Our US Department of Labor certificate is posted on bulletin boards in Teaford, Hanback, and Workshop.

This allows you to learn at your own rate and to increase your incentive pay as you improve quality and speed. All training incentives are based on a survey of the same type jobs within local industry. Elm City surveys the local area at least annually for the prevailing rates paid for similar jobs. Your work and production are reviewed at least every six months and your rate adjusted up or down accordingly.


  • You are not paid for class time, recreation or therapy.
  • You are not paid for time when you refuse to work or do not work.
  • You are not paid for days you are absent.
  • You are paid only for work that you do.
  • Your pay may go up or down according to the amount of work available, your speed, your quality.
  • Your pay is a training program incentive. It is not wages and no employment relationship is intended.
  • At times you will be assigned to work samples which are used for testing or training purposes. The center will receive no benefit from this work. You will not receive payment for this type assignment, and will be advised of this when you are assigned.
  • Paychecks are issued every Friday for the previous week’s work.

If you have any questions about your check or how you are paid, please ask your Program Manager.