While receiving training at Elm City Center, Individuals will be given real work to perform whenever possible.  They will receive pay as a training incentive and will depend on the type of work training they do.


Some jobs are paid for each piece or unit completed.  Regardless of the speed the Individual is able to work, the quality must still match whatever our customer is looking for.  Jobs may require sitting, standing, walking, or lifting and carrying items.

Piece Rate Jobs may result in pay that is less than the Illinois or Federal minimum wage.  The U.S. Department of Labor has given the center a special certificate (14c) that allows Elm City to pay less than the minimum wage, but to instead pay an amount that is commensurate with their ability.  This means the center must base their pay on the type, quantity, and quality of work they do compared to workers without disabilities doing the same or similar work in industry (commensurate wages).


Some jobs are paid hourly at least at the minimum wage.  These jobs usually require the Individual to  follow directions, finish a job done within the required time frame, have good quality, and work without a lot of supervision.


  • Individuals are paid only for work that they do, not for class time, recreation or therapy.
  • Individuals are not paid when they refuse to work when work is offered to them.
  • Individuals are not paid for days they are absent or do not work.
  • An Individual’s pay may go up or down according to the amount of work available, their speed, and their quality.