A Community Agency

Elm City Rehabilitation Center, a not-for‑profit organization, was founded in August 1959. ECC has been at its current location on West Walnut for over 27 years and has been a Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce member since the early 1970’s. Vocationally oriented, ECC helps people with disabilities be independent and live in the community.

CARF Accredited

Elm City Center has been nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services (CARF) since 1972. Our current accreditations include

  • Case Management Services : Psychosocial Rehab (Adults)
  • Community Housing : Psychosocial Rehab (Adults)
  • Community Integration : Psychosocial Rehab (Adults)
  • Community Services : Community Housing
  • Community Services : Community Integration
  • Community Services : Supported Living
  • Employment Services – Organizational Employment Services
  • Supported Living : Psychosocial Rehab (Adults)

Elm City has been an active member of the Chamber for over 30 years. The Chamber works to promote issues and activities which meet our members and the surrounding communities needs.


Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities  is a statewide trade association with over 90 other organizations providing services  that help people be independent in Illinois.  Elm City was an original member 40 years ago and remains very active in association activities.


We have been paid members of JREDC since it started. The goals is to bring more employers to Morgan and Scott Counties in Illinois.


An Equal Opportunity Employer

No person is denied entrance on the basis of sex, religion, national origin, race, or disability.