We are proud to offer a small business incubator environment.  By being flexible. we are able to work closely with any size business as they develop a new or different line of products.

We have often had various companies ask us to bid on packaging jobs they are developing. From that step, we have taken the same ideas to help start-up operations who are looking for space, people, and shipping capabilities to help them expand. Two examples are Serious Lip Balm and SmashToast-Puck. These are two local companies who came to us went they needed more assistance. We provided what they needed as they needed it.


We offer Incubator Services for any size organization

  • Competitive pricing with capacity for ongoing, high volume, production.
  • Capable of handling multi-million piece projects
  • Flexible production equipment and workers when you need them
  • Total quality management that exceeds your requirements
  • Expert hand assembly, specialty assembly, shrink-wrapped products, packaging, skid-wrapping, shipping
  • Warehousing, receiving, storage, shipping, and logistics with 9 physical docks.
  • Online connections for orders, label printing, shipping, and inventory control
  • Secure, controlled storage with electronic survelleinece
  • Connections with national groups like QVC.
  • Mass mailing, addressing, and fulfillment in compliance with US Postal, UPS, Fed-Ex, and many other
  • Shipping by common carrier as needed