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Workshop services emphasize that adults work to earn money and be part of a larger group. Workshop programs bid for large production contracts in the competitive market against other organizations doing similar jobs. Success for these jobs comes from meeting the customers requirements in terms of quality, cost, on-time delivery, and meeting all agreed to deadlines.
Basic requirements for all workshop programs:
  • Able to understand and follow rules and regulations in safety, quality control, and production methods.

  • Able to produce both quality and quantity in accordance with the standards expected in any community level job.

  • All positions are paid under US Department of Labor regulations for commensurate wages.

  • Those with special needs for counseling and supportive assistance will be referred to other services when needed.
Workshop Levels
  • Transitional Workshop is a training program for those who have the potential for higher level programming, but require a more intensive training setting. People are given an opportunity to improve and to learn work skills by actually doing work from community employers. Training is available in areas such as money management, job seeking skills, worker roles, and grooming.

  • Regular work program provides a sheltered work environment for persons who have progressed to pre-competitive vocational level.

  • Developmental Training programs work with people who need a very structured work environment. These programs emphasize the importance of work and are designed for people for whom community employment would be difficult.

Work Adjustment
Work Adjustment Training is a four to 52 week training program. Its purpose is to assist the person in preparing for a job in the community, sheltered workshop, or enter another training program. People are given the opportunity to learn specific work skills by doing actual work. A rehabilitation plan is developed at the beginning of work adjustment that identifies goals, methods, measures, and time frame for when goals are expected to be completed.
Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation is a 4-8 week program in which work potential is assessed through the use of work samples, testing, and actual work experience. The purpose is to identify skills needed to obtain competitive or workshop employment

Services, which may be available in Work Adjustment Training and Vocational Evaluation include: 

  • Vocational Counseling
  • Training in worker role/worker skills.
  • Work samples and other tools to help increase skills
  • Placement/follow-up services
  • Referral to other services
  • Situational assessments

  • Training in daily living skills

  • Rehabilitation plan

  • Transportation

  • Advocacy services

  • Access to consultant services


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An equal opportunity employer.

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