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The Clyde York Social Center


Named in honor of the tireless efforts of Mr. Clyde York, the social center provides an informal and structured atmosphere for leisure activities. People may “drop-in” for coffee or soft drinks and participate in various activities such as watching TV, reading, visiting, or just plain relaxing. Table games such as cards and checkers are also available. A weekly bingo night offers fun and prizes. A variety of special groups activities are scheduled monthly that include movies and many community events. Transportation is occasionally provided to these special activities. The Center is open seven days a week including all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A trained staff member is on duty at all times to organize activities, encourage participation, lend a friendly ear, and assist with any concerns.

Support Services


Support Services programs help many people be independent in the community. Services are provided at what ever level of assistance a person may ask for or need. Many people are very independent and live on their own. Other people will need varied levels of assistance based on their needs. A number of people will be living in the community for the first time in their lives and may need help to learn basic skills.


Our staff, often acting as advocates, provide assistance in securing housing, medical care, recreation, vocational, and other needed services. These staff work closely with employers, families, social service agencies, churches and significant others to help build a supportive and understanding network in the person’s life.

Special Services

In addition, special group activities that include job seeking, communication skills, worker role, casual cooking, and budgeting are held each month. These group sessions provide a forum for the person to discuss with others the situations and problems encountered in employment and community living, and to seek positive solutions.

Elm City Center

An equal opportunity employer.

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