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Review of Elm City Center

Board of Directors Effectiveness for  2016





The fiscal status of Elm City has seen several significant changes:

  • The state’s financial status remains poor. Through the year the state’s credit rating was dropped several times for the second year in a row.  

  • United States District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled that the State of Illinois must make payments for over 10,000 Illinois residents with developmental disabilities who are part of the Consent Decree in Ligas v. Norwood and that all class members and beneficiaries of the Decree were entitled to payment at FY 2015 levels. This stays in effect as long as there is no finalized state budget. The net effect to Elm City was monthly service payments came within 20-30 days of billing.

  • For two years in a row the state of Illinois has not had a budget.  

  • The backlog of unpaid state bills is $10.8 billion, projected to be $14 billion by June 30, 2017.

  • AFSCME and the Governor are still at odds. There is no end in sight. Walk out, strike, lock-out and similar phrases pop into the discussion depending on who you read or listen to. Any of those options will have a direct on us. If state employees are not working, how do checks get to us?

  • Elm City itself remains in very good financial shape. Investment return as a weighted average has drifted below 1.2%. We have no debt. We do not qualify for expedited payments and have never used a credit line.

  •  State rates for services have not increased for the last 8 years.


Production had huge changes this year.

  • Reynolds has been a consistent, excellent, long term customer. Their sales are up.

  • The former Thermionics/NICHE officially closed its business in 2016. They gave us their remaining equipment/supplies.

  • Dickey-johns remains small, but consistent customer

  • Two new start-up companies have gone into a partnership with Elm City. We essentially function as their world headquarters.

  • Serious Organic Lip Balm became a steady customer in late 2016. We manufacture, warehouse, and ship all of their product.

  •  SmashToast of Springfield markets the Puck. It is manufactured by CCK in Jacksonville and we provide packaging, warehouse, shipping

  • ECC maintains the 61 acres of grounds at the former JDC (large power mowers and grounds keeping).

  • State use personal care products sales to state facilities continue.

  •  Shredding continues to develop ranging from 20 ton shipments from CPA firms to small bags of personal checks from customers.

  • We maintain a complete insurance package for staff coverage (health, dental, life) and agency coverage (work comp, liability, occupancy, director/officer, auto, boiler, accident, profit sharing, and contract). Roxanne Myers handles staff insurance and Grojean Insurance with Cincinnati covers agency policies.

  • Our prevention programs are working. All staff are trained in CPI, CPR, and first aid.

  • Work comp claims are down with our NCCI rating at 0.95 which is the lowest it has been in over 20 years. Consumer aggression remains low except for one situation.

  • We worked extensively SST and a certified behavior analysts to provide quality services to people with severe behavioral issues.

  • All vehicles are in good mechanical shape and meet all state requirements.


  • No further CILA homes were developed

  • Ideas to remodel JDC Admin and Bushnell buildings were dropped after it was clear the state would never sell portions of the JDC property. Remodel costs were over $7M.  The buildings are rapidly deteriorate

  • Westfair replaced a tub with a walk in shower for a new resident with significant gait/balance problem.

  •  The air conditioning broke in Teaford. It took 3 months to remanufacture parts to original specifications

  • T-8 tube lights at Walnut were replaced with 500+ LED tubes. Production lights will be replaced in 2017 through an Ameren project  

  • The Social Center has remained closed due to funding limitations in the DMH capacity grants. It is being used as a free thrift store by Grounds of Grace for people involved with human trafficking.


  • Three year CARF accreditation was obtained in 2016. This is good until 2019.

  • DT surveys are successful scoring 95%-99%

  • The CILA/medication administration review done by BQM scored 95%.

  • Post Payment review scored 100%

  • Trips to the community remain high. There are regular shopping trips for many people. There are also many trips to events and other community settings.

  • More expanded programs are needed as work has decreased from where it was 3 years ago. We will have to expand residential, employment, and community based programs for future funding.

  • Equally important is discussion to close day programs and workshops in Illinois in 4-5 years.

  •  Federal CMS regulations are changing to require further integration into community settings for residential and employment.

  • A $15 minimum DSP wage was passed by the General Assembly.  In Fall. Gov Rauner vetoed it as too costly. The vote was held on Nov 16, 2016. The vote was 67Yeas-41Nays. The vote needed 71 Average DSP wage in Illinois is $9.35. Elm City pays $10 just to get better staff.

  • We still have 35%+ turnover in residential staff.

  • Staff retirement plans remains at 6% of salary with no match required. There is additional 401k plan where staff can set aside whatever amount they wish for retirement. The plans are administered through American Funds, with Will Whalen as advisor, and Hicks Pension Plan as third party administrator.

  • Many staff remain on state Medicaid because that is what they can afford due to low state rates. ACA renewals for 2017 skyrocketed in November 2016 by 30%-50%.

Public Relations

  • ECC remains very involved in community activities. The ECC tent is used by 10-12 organization throughout the area. We are involved with Special Olympics, Relay for Life, numerous Boards, Woodhaven Christmas Tree, bell ringing for Salvation Army, diapers for Haiti, golf outings, many community groups many of who have nothing to do directly with ECC.

  • The AKtion club at ECC is sponsored by Jacksonville Kiwanis

  • Consumers rose over $3,000 to give to various groups in the community

  • Many ECC staff are involved in many community organizations and volunteer their time at numerous events

Board Activities

Board remains very active in policy affairs of ECC.

  • Primary Board meetings were kept at one meeting per month.

  • Board members remain active in Elm City committee operations. Meetings always have quorums, committee meetings are held as scheduled, and Board members take part in Elm City related events.

  • Board openings are filled with qualified individuals from the Jacksonville area who provided leadership, use their expertise, and willingness to actively take part in the direction for Elm City services.

  • The Board is very diversified with professionals (finance, law, engineering, health care, education, corporate, and private business), family, and members with disabilities.

  • Controversial tasks are discussed openly with multiple points of view as a consensus develops.

  • The Board does not micro-manage daily organizational operations, but does expect performance guidelines to be accomplished.

  • CEO providers a pre-Board meeting letter of ongoing issues and highlight topics are covered at the monthly meeting. This process seems to be working.

  •  The Board reviews and recommends all financial operations, makes policy changes as needed, and approves/edits operational plans that directly affect staff and consumers at


Special Highlights:

*       Consumer based Relay for Life team raised and donated over $3,500. Cancer remains a significant focus of our charitable efforts as an organization based on the numbers of people associated with Elm City who have had some form of cancer.

*       $15,000 donation to Play For All Parks.

*       Sown blankets for Project Linus and diapers for Haiti.

*       Christmas party with 80+ pizzas and Thanksgiving dinner for 200+ people

*       Consumers raise and donate money to Educational Daycare and to buy gifts for local nursing homes

*       Make Easter treats for local daycares

*       Cutest pet contest raised significant money that was donated to various community groups.

*       Collect toys for Toys for Tots and wrapped gifts

*       ECC 4H club projects are shown at Morgan County Fair and at Illinois State Fair

*       ECC developed an AKtion Club, sponsored by and in association with the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club.

*       Market ECC at State Fair with Chamber of Commerce Jacksonville booth



Elm City Center

An equal opportunity employer.

Revised - 1/10/2018