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  1. Consumers maintain all rights guaranteed by law, and shall not lose these rights solely because they are the recipients of services. These include the right to vote and the freedom of religion.

  2.  Consumers have a right to services without discrimination because of sex, race, national origin, religion, or disability.

  3. Consumers have a right to adequate and humane services provided in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

  4.  Consumers have a right to be treated in a manner that is not psychologically, physically, or verbally abusive. Corporal punishment, seclusion, and exploitation are prohibited.

  5. Consumers are guaranteed all rights afforded in Chapter 2 of the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code [405 ILCS 5].

  6. Consumers have a right to refuse services and to refuse to participate in research. All consumers must be informed of the consequences, if any, should they refuse.

  7. Consumers have a right to appeal a refusal of services. The program coordinator is responsible to assist the consumer, if needed, during the appeal process.

  8. Consumers have a right to receive medical treatment. Unless restricted by court order, they also have the right to refuse medical treatment, medication, or chemical restraints.

  9. Consumers have a right to participate in the development of the individual habilitation plan. This includes the composition of the service teamand coordination of concurrent services

  10. The consumer (or guardian) must give informed consent before restrictive procedure may be included in the plan. Mechanical restraints, seclusion, and time-out shall not be used by Elm City. Time-out is defined as seclusion in a locked room.

  11. Consumers have a right to confidentiality as outlined in the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act [740 ILCS 110]and the HIPAA regulations. A system of controlled access to consumer records shall be maintained. No information about the consumer shall be released to persons outside the agency without the written permission of the consumer or guardian. A legally competent consumer, a consumer with a guardian, or a guardian of an ECC consumer may review the information contained in the case file.

  12. Consumers have a right to a grievance procedure. Details of this procedure are outlined in consumer handbooks and is detailed in the Grievance Procedure for Eligible Persons.

  13. Consumers have a right to unimpeded access to:

  •  Guardians and Family Members,

  •  Office of Department of Human Services,

    100 S. Grand Ave E,

    Springfield, Illinois 62762,

    Help Line:1-800-843-6154, 1-800-447-6404 TTY

  •  Office of Inspector General 1-800-368-1463,

  •  Elm Cityís Human Rights Committee,

  •  Guardianship and Advocacy Commission,

    Pine Cottage, 4500 College Avenue,

    Alton, Illinois 62002

    618/474-5503 or after hours 217/785-0645,

  •  Equip for Equality, P.O. Box 267, Springfield, Illinois 62705 1-800-537-2632.

  1.  No person shall be excluded, suspended, discharged, or have services reduced for exercising his/her rights.

  2.  Unless restricted by court order, consumers may manage their own money. If authorized by a consumer, requested by a consumer, recommended by the interdisciplinary team and approved by the Admissions and Program Advisory Council, an Elm City employee may assist with money management or serve as a consumer's payee representative.

  3.  Consumers have a right to private and uncensored communication. At Elm City residential facilities, the program coordinator shall be responsible to ensure that unimpeded methods of communication by phone, mail, and personal visits are available to all residents.

  4.  Consumers residing in Elm City residential facilities are entitled to a reasonable amount of space in which to keep personal possessions. Personal property shall be restricted only for items which may be a danger to others, or which may be a safety concern.

  5.  Consumers have a right to receive a commensurate wage for work performed. In Elm City residential facilities, household tasks are considered to be part of the training and independent living, and are not paid work.

  6.  Consumers have a right to select and purchase their own clothing. However, it is expected that grooming and dress will be appropriate to the situation. Dress must meet safety standards in the production setting.

  7.  Consumers in Elm City residential facilities have a right to plan personal activities, and are encouraged to develop positive relationships and support systems within the community.

  8.  Consumers in Elm City have the right to services without fear of retaliation or humiliation.

  9.  If a consumerís rightsmust be restricted, the clinical record must document what right was restricted, why, how long the restriction will last, and what staff must do to verify the restriction was met. Restricted rights must be reviewed every 30 days and reinstated as soon as possible. In addition, the consumer, parents/family, guardian, and any agency designated by the consumer or the consumerís representative will be notified of the restriction. All restriction of rights will be reviewed by the Human Rights Committee.

If a consumer or a staff member believes that a human rights violation has occurred, the program coordinator or designee shall be notified immediately. A written report shall be prepared by the coordinator and sent to the President/CEO within three working days of being notified of the incident. The report shall include the date, the nature of the alleged violation, the names of those involved, and the remedy requested. The President/CEO shall render a decision within ten working days of receipt of the report. The President/CEO's decision shall be final. The President/CEO shall inform Elm City's Human Rights Committee of any complaints involving individual rights violations, and any corrective action taken.

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